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Why Renting Equipment can help with your Homebuilding Business

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Building a home from the ground up is a big construction project to undertake, and it requires a wide variety of equipment. Because every residential lot has different terrain, renting the right machinery is important to the project’s success.

At NMC The Cat® Rental Store, we have a comprehensive selection of rental construction equipment that will increase your efficiency so you can complete your projects with ease. In the construction industry, your equipment needs are constantly fluctuating. To make your homebuilding project as simple as possible, we have a variety of available rental options that will boost your productivity and overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.


An excavator is an essential tool for any homebuilding project. Our excavators come in mini, medium and large sizes and perform a variety of functions, including:

  • Landscaping and leveling terrain
  • Excavating basements
  • Extracting stumps
  • Digging utility lines

In addition to our extensive line of excavators, we also rent attachments to maximize their functions and allow you to complete even more tasks without requiring additional equipment. Our rental fleet is highly reliable, frequently inspected and regularly maintained, so you know that your rental equipment will deliver exceptional performance on any homebuilding construction project.


Telehandlers are vital to many different projects in the construction industry, including homebuilding. Depending on the model, a telehandler can lift thousands of pounds of materials from the ground to your working height. Their sturdy frames and rugged tires allow for easy use on difficult terrain.

Our rental telehandlers have multiple advantages, such as:

  • Diverse attachments: Our range of buckets, forks and other attachments allows for improved maneuverability, lift height and reach.
  • Fuel-efficiency: Our rental telehandlers have exceptionally low operating costs thanks to fuel-efficient engines and precise controls.
  • Superior comfort: Our telehandlers are designed to maximize operator comfort with ergonomic cabins and intuitive features.

Because of our telehandlers’ unique benefits, you can fast-track your project and improve your job site’s overall efficiency.

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoes have multiple functions on a homebuilding job site. Backhoe loaders fill in holes, handle gravel and stone, load and unload supplies, and dig trenches. Because they can perform so many functions, it’s especially important to have a backhoe that you can rely on.

Our backhoe loaders include a variety of features to increase your productivity and accomplish your tasks with ease:

  • Superior fuel performance: Our backhoe loaders comply with EPA standards for increased efficiency and lower emissions.
  • Attachment variety: Along with our selection of backhoes, we have multiple attachments that will maximize their capabilities, such as hammers, augers, forks and more.
  • Increased comfort level: Our backhoe loaders include spacious, ergonomically designed cabins with lots of legroom.

With our multifunctional backhoe loaders, you’ll have everything you need to complete your homebuilding project.

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