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When You Should Rent a Water Pump

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Whether you need to drain water from a tunnel, residential or commercial property, riverbed or construction site, the right water pump is essential. You need to be able to quickly and easily clear unwanted water out of your worksite so you can get the job done. If you’re thinking about investing in a new water pump, consider renting Cat® equipment for the job. Renting can save you time, energy and equipment expenses while still providing all the benefits of Cat products.

The Benefits of Renting a Water Pump

When you need a water pump for a project, renting the equipment can be an ideal solution. In most cases, you only need a water pump for specific projects, so it makes sense to choose an equipment rental. You can customize your rental agreement to meet your timeline, whether you need a water pump for a day, week or month. Renting a water pump also saves you time and money related to equipment upkeep, maintenance and storage.

When to Rent a Water Pump

In situations that require a water pump, you need to know where and when to get the right equipment. Collecting rain or groundwater can rapidly cause flooding and serious damage such as surface erosion and structural damage, resulting in project delays. You need to clear the water away quickly to prevent it from becoming an obstacle to the project.

When conditions like these occur at your job site, you may need a water pump to handle the situation:

  • Emergency flooding: If you encounter sudden flooding, you need to address the situation quickly.
  • Rainy season: Rain can accumulate over time or suddenly, so it’s essential to monitor the weather closely.
  • Flood zone job sites: When your job site is in a flood zone, make sure you’re prepared for rising water levels.
  • Inclement weather: If your area is headed into a rainstorm or thunderstorm, be ready to address the issue with the right equipment.

To reduce these risks, make sure you have the best water pump for the job. When the unexpected happens, having the right equipment on-hand can help you minimize delays and keep your project on schedule. A water pump rental from your local Cat dealer gives you peace of mind that your water pump will be in excellent condition and ready to get the job done. At NMC The Cat Rental Store, we carefully service our equipment and make sure our rentals will operate properly for you.

Rent a Water Pump From NMC The Cat® Rental Store

We strive to provide quality service and reliable equipment rentals to meet any project requirement. With over 80 years of experience, we’re proud to serve clients in a variety of industries throughout Nebraska and Pottawattamie County, Iowa. Let us handle all your equipment needs and ensure you get the right water pump for the job.

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