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The Importance of Summer Temperature Control for Your Jobsite

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If you are a construction worker, you know that hot summer temperatures can take a toll on you and your jobsite. Here are some of the top reasons why regulating jobsite temperature is essential for the successful completion of your project.

1. Employee Health

Prolonged heat exposure can have serious health consequences. Construction workers are especially at risk because of the many hours of hard labor they put in outdoors every day, as well as the heavy protective gear they have to wear while they’re out there, which contributes to their increased body temperature. Some of the most common issues construction workers may experience include:

  • Heat exhaustion and heat stroke: When workers are exposed to high temperatures and high humidity while performing strenuous work, their bodies will not be able to cool down fast enough on their own, which can cause symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, headache, muscle cramps, dizziness and low blood pressure. If left untreated, heat exhaustion can quickly develop into heat stroke, which can be extremely dangerous.
  • Sun poisoning: Most people have experienced sunburns before, but when you sustain a severe sunburn, it can quickly turn into sun poisoning, which is a serious condition. Symptoms of sun poisoning include fever and chills, vomiting, intense pain, confusion and skin blistering.

By regulating the temperature of your jobsite, you will prevent employees from experiencing these serious heat-related health issues and maintain healthy and happy employees.

2. Material Performance

The materials you use on your construction site can also be negatively affected by heat exposure. In particular, heat can dry out materials like concrete, which can lead to cracking. Dryness and cracking are major risks at the early stages of concrete production when it is first being mixed, as it needs continuous hydration to form properly. And when concrete hardens in very hot temperatures, this decreases its strength.

Heat can cause problems like shrinkage, cracking and loss of strength in many other construction site materials as well, such as plastic, wood, roofing, cement, clay and much more. When you control your jobsite temperature, you can avoid damage to your crucial materials.

3. Jobsite Safety

Construction sites often contain many sensitive and potentially hazardous materials that are needed to get the job done. When these materials are exposed to heat, it can be a dangerous combination.

For example, products kept in pressurized cans have a risk of exploding when exposed to very hot temperatures for extended periods of time. If these cans explode, toxic substances and debris will be projected around your jobsite, leading to potential employee injury and sickness as well as material and site damage.

Maximize Summer Productivity With Cooling Rental

The importance of jobsite temperature control for employee health, material performance and jobsite safety is undeniable. If you want to maximize safety and productivity on your jobsite during the hot summer months, a cooling rental is an ideal choice.

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