Machine Control Technology

Improve the efficiency of your jobsite

Add machine control technology to your rental. New technology in the construction industry has enabled us to implement several different forms of management systems, from digital services and GPS systems to purchasing used equipment parts and forklift parts. Take a look at the following virtual tools that can help your business succeed:

Machine Control Technology

Trimble’s complete portfolio of solutions for the Construction and Rental industries, as well as machine control systems for heavy equipment, increase production while reducing operating costs. Visit SITECH Mid-Plains, an NMC company & the authorized Trimble dealer in this area.

Employee operating technological equipment


Just because your project is short-term doesn’t mean that it deserves any less than the best. Harness the power of technology to run your work sites with cutting-edge convenience — while cutting the cost. We carry a line of premium SITECH Mid-Plains technology equipment, available for clients to rent as needed.

Our technology rental selection offers a variety of tools, including:

  • Machine control systems: Rent grade control technology geared toward machines like dozers, excavators and track loaders. You can also rent accompanying accessories, including GNSS radios and correction sources, to keep your project running smoothly.
  • Site positioning: Need help with the technology behind your site positioning? Rent a variety of equipment designed by SITECH.
  • Paving control: Paving projects can be made infinitely easier with temporary technology rentals. Our selection includes a variety of paving control equipment designed specifically for asphalt pavers, milling machines and slipform pavers, as well as compaction control technology.
  • Lasers: Rent the laser technology that suits your needs, with options from 400 Series Grade Lasers through 700 Series Grade Lasers.
  • Software: Enhance your job site communication and efficiency with a variety of software programs geared toward the construction industry.


Technology is the future of construction. While the business was built on hard labor and expert craftsmanship, technological advances have opened up new pathways for advancement. Construction technology can span anything from innovative tools and machinery to software used during the development stage. Technology equipment can partially or semi-automate processes, saving your crew valuable time, money and energy.

Need technology to boost a specific short-term project? Rental technology can be used in conjunction with your other rental equipment to speed up your processes and keep your work going smoothly. With our rental package, all of these perks come without the price tag of buying your own brand new equipment. As a bonus, you won’t have to handle the storage and maintenance needs that come with owning your own tech and tools.


Planning for an upcoming construction project? Enhance your productivity with top of the line technology rentals. NMC The Cat Rental Store is your go-to source for the tools needed to get the job done right. Give our team a call at 855.NMC.RENT to discover more about our rental programs and our cutting edge technology options. We can also offer expert guidance to help you choose the right equipment for the task at hand.

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