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Severe Weather Construction Safety Tips

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Getting Ready for Whatever Nature Sends Your Way

Extreme weather such as, heat waves, flash floods, lightning, thunderstorms and snowy, cold and windy conditions are a serious concern for any business — especially those with employees working outside. If you operate a construction site or any other industry that leaves your team vulnerable to the outdoor elements, it’s critical to take precautions to stay safe no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. To avoid workplace accidents, avoidable injuries, lawsuits, property damage and potential loss of life, consider the following severe weather tips for being prepared:
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Have Someone in Place

Challenging and dangerous weather conditions tend to send disorganization, confusion, panic and fear throughout an organization. At the top of the list of essential severe weather safety tips for keeping your staff calm and in control during a storm or natural catastrophe is developing a response plan in case of emergency.

Make sure everyone understands what their roles and responsibilities are in various situations and provide continuing education and training on safety best practices. From knowing where to find the first aid kit to the location of the nearest shelter or safe place, a well-drilled team is best equipped to deal with adverse conditions.

Stay Informed

There are some natural disruptions you can’t plan for, such as a tornado. However, most of the time, you’ll receive ample notification that inclement weather is on the way.

An efficient way to keep your work crews informed is to appoint shift safety chiefs responsible for keeping tabs on what’s happening in the atmosphere by reading daily reports and monitoring impending storms and systems. Sign up for National Weather Service updates and alerts delivered directly to your mobile devices, always have an all-weather radio receiver on site and map out local flood zones, emergency escape routes and how to get to the nearest medical facility.

Utilize Emergency Power Systems

High winds, flash floods, extremely hot and cold temperatures and many other factors make the chances of accidents and injuries rise exponentially. When the power and lights go out, the danger grows even more. Being storm-ready for many businesses means having the necessary power equipment to respond to an unexpected outage or disaster. Having a backup generator to power your business and light towers on-site are severe summer weather safety tips that protect against blackouts caused by heat waves and intense storms.

You’ll not only be able to keep your equipment running and production moving forward, but also shed some light on the situation for improved jobsite safety and emergency response.

Be Prepared Before It’s Too Late

The time to take action to protect your people, your organization and your valuable assets is now, before an emergency takes place. For more severe weather safety tips for work and power system solutions, contact NMC The Cat Rental Store today. We offer a wide range of new, used and rental backup and standby emergency generators as well as light towers and other safety tools and accessories.