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Power and HVAC/Climate Control

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Power and HVAC systems are a core component of almost any business. In some cases, a continuous HVAC system is required, such as if a company stores perishables, which is why rentals for power and HVAC systems are becoming a go-to option for emergencies and even planned events.

Applications for Climate Control and Power Rentals

Numerous industries, such as the following, rely on climate control and power rental systems:

  • Film and television
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Sports
  • Oil
  • Government services
  • Mechanical and electrical contracting

How these industries use a rental power and climate control system varies. Rented heating, cooling and energy systems can serve many situations, like the following:

Emergency outages: System failures, natural disasters or blackouts can all cause an emergency outage. In the U.S., more than 10 major outages occur each day — and for businesses reliant on power, that can lead to substantial financial losses.

Businesses that require power to serve clients, store perishables or continue operations can substitute their failed equipment or lack of grid power with an industrial, mobile generator. Many industrial generators are also designed to provide power through extended outages.

Public or private events: Hosting outdoor activities can pose challenges due to the weather, as well as giving guests a way to connect to the internet to receive and share information. Event planners often use mobile generators or even HVAC systems to keep guests cool and comfortable.

Concerts and festivals, as well as sporting arenas, use Cat® generators because they make minimal noise so concertgoers can enjoy their experience. A secure enclosure also prevents bystanders from modifying or disengaging the generator.

Temporary worksites: Television and film productions depend on mobile power and climate control systems to film their productions. Contracting crews also use these generators at building sites to power electrical machinery or provide spot cooling or heating in extreme temperatures.

Construction companies also rent portable dehumidifier systems to reduce the time it takes for paint to dry. The cost of renting is often less than the price of waiting for the paint to finish drying. Since the project gets completed sooner, the contractor’s team can move on to the next client.

Backup energy source: Some industries do purchase and install backup generators for their facilities, while others opt to rent a power and HVAC system. The advantage of renting a system is that it’s for a fixed duration. Companies may rent as a precaution against an upcoming storm system or in preparation for the replacement of their current power, heating or cooling hardware.

Planned shutdowns: Manufacturing plants, as well as refineries, undergo regular maintenance throughout the year. In some cases, their HVAC units must go offline. A rental unit provides power during these periods of planned shutdowns.

Limited budget: Capital constraints encourage some companies to rent their HVAC and energy systems instead of purchasing them. The benefit is you avoid a large up-front cost as well as the responsibility of repairing or replacing a failed system. You’re also able to update to the latest hardware, which can provide energy cost savings.

Rental equipment offers several advantages, as well as uses, for planned and unplanned situations. Multiple rental locations, as with NMC, provide additional convenience when renting mobile generators, especially in an emergency.

Rental Power and HVAC Equipment From NMC

Our selection of Cat portable generators at NMC offers the power you need to operate your facility, event or work site. With locations across the Midwest, you’ll be able to find a location near you for convenient service and delivery. Learn more about our rental options and rates by contacting us for more information.