3608 Generator Set (Medium Speed)



Technical Specifications
Benefits and Features

Caterpillar is leading the power generation marketplace with Power Solutions engineered to deliver unmatched flexibility, expandability,reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Generator Set Specifications
Minimum Rating 1830 ekW
Maximum Rating 2660 ekW
Emissions/Fuel Strategy Low Fuel Consumption
Frequency 60 Hz
Speed 720 & 900 rpm
Duty Cycle Standby, Prime, Continuous
Engine Specifications
Engine Model 3608 I-8,4-Stroke Water-Cooled Diesel
Bore 11 in
Stroke 11.8 in
Displacement 9064 in³
Compression Ratio 13:01
Aspiration TA
Fuel System Direct unit injection
Governor Type Generator Set Monitoring System (GMS)
Generator Set Dimensions
Length - Maximum 404 in
Width - Maximum 99.62 in
Height - Maximum 156.6 in
Dry Weight - Genset (maximum) 91050 lb

Cat Diesel Engine

  • Reliable, rugged, durable design
  • Field-proven in thousands of applications worldwide
  • Four-stroke-cycle diesel engine combines consistent performance and excellent fuel economy with minimum weight


  • Matched to the performance and output characteristics of Cat engines
  • Industry leading mechanical and electrical design
  • Industry leading motor starting capabilities
  • High Efficiency

World Wide Product Support

  • Cat dealers provide extensive post-sale support including maintenance and repair agreements.
  • Cat dealers have over 1,800 dealer branch stores operating in 200 countries. The Caterpillar S•O•S℠ program cost effectively detects internal engine component condition, even the presence of unwanted fluids and combustion by-products

Full Range of Attachments

  • Wide range of bolt-on system expansion attachments, factory designed and tested Flexible packaging options for easy and cost effective installation

Standard Equipment:

  • Air Inlet System
    • Aftercooler, fresh water, corrosion resistant coated (air side)
    • Air inlet shutoff
    • Turbocharger, watercooled (720 rpm and HFO), engine oil lubricated
    • Breather, crankcase, top-mounted
  • Cooling System
    • Engine coolant water drains
    • Water temperature regulator
    • Jacket water thermostats
  • Exhaust System
    • Includes adapter, Flexible exhaust fitting
    • 457 mm (18 in) Cat bolt pattern
    • Dry, gas tight, exhaust manifold
  • Fuel System
    • Simplex or Duplex
  • Generator System
    • Custom generator per generator data sheet completed by dealer
  • Governor System
    • UG Actuator
  • Lube System
    • Oil filler and dipstick
    • Service side engine mounted on cylinder block inspection covers
    • Wet oil sump. Includes engine-driven main lubrication & oil pumps, Oil Lines and Oil Pan
    • Centrifugal oil filters with single shutoff
    • Oil pressure regulating valve
    • Crankcase explosion relief valves
  • Mounting System
    • Engine and generator mounting
    • Damper, torsional vibration
  • Starting / Charging System
    • Air silencer
    • One motor, engine mounted at rear, on left side
    • Vane type air starter
    • Line group for single point custom connection
  • General:
    • Gear driven pumps: Fuel, Oil, Jacket water, Aftercooler / Oil cooler water
    • Paint, Caterpillar yellow

Optional Equipment:

  • Air Inlet System
    • Heavy duty air cleaner
    • Air inlet adapter
    • Boost control valve
    • Air cleaner louver assembly
    • Vertical support bracket
    • Soot filter
  • Cooling System
    • Auxiliary water pump
    • Heating aids
    • Cooling system aids
    • Expansion tank
  • Exhaust System
    • Weld flange and related hardware
    • Flexible exhaust fittings
  • Fuel System
    • Fuel priming pump
    • Duplex primary fuel strainer
    • Fuel system connections
  • Generator System
    • Class F insulation
    • Anti-condensation space heaters
    • 3 Phase, six Leads, WYE
    • Winding temperature detectors
    • Busbar connections
  • Governor System
    • Battery backup / Power supply
    • 2301 A load share
    • Electronic / actuators
    • Digital programmers
    • EGB actuator
    • 723 Plus
  • Lube System
    • Lube ANSI adapter (Emergency connection)
    • Oil pan drain valve
  • Mounting System
    • Spring type vibration isolator
    • Non-vertically restrained
    • Vertically restrained
    • Isolator
  • Starting / Charging System
    • Pressure reducing valve
    • Compressed air flex hose
  • General:
    • Custom paint colors