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Job Site Safety: 4 Ways to Improve Your Job Site

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Safety should always be a priority at your job sites. You’ll want to prevent any harm to your team members, of course, but safe job sites often tend to be more organized and efficient, too. When you take the right precautions, your job site will be both a safe and highly productive place to do your work.

But how specifically can you improve the level of safety at your job sites? If you’re looking for safety-boosting ideas ahead of your next project or on a rolling basis, start with these four suggestions.

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1. Plan Ahead

Safety starts with a plan. Before you and your team members arrive at a job site to get to work, create a plan that promotes safety from start to finish. Begin by making sure team members have the right tools and equipment to do the required work. Trying to use the wrong tools for a certain task or application can lead to dangerous situations. Also, provide the proper safety gear for your team members doing the work.

You’ll find that almost all job sites need a collection of similar safety tools and equipment — hard hats, gloves, eye protection, etc. But take a closer look at the unique nature of any project. Secure and provide the safety gear needed to address the unique nature of any given project.

2. Provide Training

Always provide training before a job begins. You may have team members with years upon years of experience, and that’s great. But experience doesn’t always mean your team members know how to use all of the equipment at your job site. Also, there’s always a chance that experienced team members have bad work habits that detract from the level of safety.

Start each project with in-depth training, and set aside time for ongoing safety training on longer-term projects.

3. Enforce Rules

Foremen, managers and superintendents are responsible for the safety of workers underneath them. No managers want to badger workers about standards and procedures, so create a culture of safety and an environment where the rules are clear and followed. In cases where workers are not following the safety rules, they will need to be enforced.

4. Empower Team Members

Ultimately, the actual workers on any given job site determine how safe the work will be. Empower workers to enforce the safety rules and guidelines among each other, and provide clear channels to communicate safety concerns. In turn, make sure foremen and managers have the ability to make changes needed when safety concerns are reported by workers. If nothing happens when safety concerns are reported, workers will quit reporting them — and worksite safety may drop.

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