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How to Select the Right Masonry Rental Equipment for Your Job

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Masonry and concrete contractors require specialized equipment to perform tasks such as cutting, grinding, resurfacing and pouring. A key decision that contractors must make is whether purchasing or renting is the better option for acquiring these machines. In many cases, renting provides a more convenient and cost-effective solution.

If you’re looking for a high-quality concrete resurfacing equipment rental or other types of masonry machines in Nebraska or Pottawattamie County, Iowa, NMC The Cat Rental Store can provide the right products for your needs at competitive rates.

What Are the Financial Advantages of Renting Masonry Equipment?

From a cost perspective, a concrete masonry unit equipment rental offers several benefits for businesses:

  • No inventory costs: With renting, you don’t incur the storage costs that come with carrying inventory when it’s not in use. You can pick up the equipment whenever you need it and return it when you’ve completed your project.
  • No maintenance and repair costs: When you rent from NMC The Cat Rental Store, we’ll take care of all the maintenance and repairs, which can significantly reduce your company’s equipment operating expenses.
  • No down payment required: When you purchase equipment, you may have to put a lot of money down, which can impact your cash flow. Renting does not require substantial upfront cash, and you’ll also avoid any financing charges.
  • No depreciation: Heavy equipment begins to depreciate as soon as it leaves the dealership. When you opt for a masonry equipment rental, you don’t have to worry about a machine losing its value.
  • No long-term commitment: You may need to finance a new concrete equipment purchase, which could require several years of making payments. On the other hand, you can rent a machine for a day, week or month without any long-term obligation.

What to Consider When Renting vs. Buying

Finances are not the only consideration when deciding whether to buy or rent masonry equipment. Other factors include:

  • Frequency: How often do you think you’ll be using the equipment? If it’s less than 65% of the time, renting will likely provide a more practical solution for your business.
  • Logistics: If you don’t have the time or resources to transport heavy equipment to and from job sites, a rental company like NMC The Cat Rental Store can provide this service with your rental.
  • Compatibility: Renting makes it easy to get a specialized piece of equipment that can perform a task that other machines in your fleet cannot.
  • Availability: When you rent, you can add to your fleet quickly or get an almost immediate replacement for a machine that’s undergoing repairs. You’ll be able to keep your projects on schedule.

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The equipment specialists at any of our locations can help you decide if renting makes sense for your projects. We’ll also be happy to tell you more about our concrete grinding equipment rentals and other top-quality masonry machines. Reach us by phone at 855.NMC.RENT or contact us online today.