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How to Choose the Right Type of Lighting for Your Job Site

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Whether the goal is to meet a tight project deadline or minimize disruptions to business operations, construction work often takes place after daylight hours or even around the clock. Working in the dark requires high-quality lighting to maximize visibility and keep everyone safe.

For many companies, renting lighting towers for construction sites offers the most practical solution. When you rent, you can get the exact equipment you require to create optimal working conditions. The process also provides additional benefits such as convenience, flexibility, scalability and cost savings.

If you’re looking for temporary lighting for a construction site in Nebraska or Pottawattamie County, Iowa, NMC The Cat Rental Store has the equipment you need at a price that fits your budget.

Considerations When Renting Construction Site Lighting

When you’re searching for the best types of lighting equipment rentals for your job site, you’ll need to consider the following factors:

  • Tower size: Light towers come in multiple sizes. If your job site is congested, make sure the unit is compact enough to fit in a small area if needed. Wide and narrow body options are available. Wide body offers more stability due to the lower center of gravity, while narrow body is better suited for working in confined locations.
  • Tower height: The height of the lighting tower has a direct impact on how large of an area it will illuminate. As a rule of thumb, the tower’s mounting height should be approximately half the distance of the target area. For example, if you need to light a 50-foot space, choose a 25-foot tower.
  • Lamp: Choose from LED and metal halide lamp options for rental lighting for construction sites. LED versions are brighter and more energy-efficient, as they require less electrical power to operate. They’re also better for lighting a smaller, targeted space. Metal halide lamps are the preferred choice to evenly light larger areas.
  • Fuel capacity: Most construction lighting tower rentals run on diesel fuel and include tanks for storing it. You’ll need to make sure the tank size offers enough capacity so you won’t have to stop and refuel frequently. Fuel storage is a particularly important consideration when working at remote job sites with limited or no access to a diesel supply.
  • Ease of installation: Some types of lighting equipment rentals are easier to set up than others. Careful planning can help you avoid lengthy installation times that could put your project behind schedule. A reputable rental company like NMC The Cat Rental Store can provide helpful tips that will ensure a smooth, seamless installation.

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