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Guide to Renting Trenching & Shoring Equipment

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Projects such as utility work and pipelaying that require digging underground need trenching and shoring equipment that keeps workers safe and minimizes the risk of cave-ins and collapses. Due to the significant safety hazards involved with these jobs, OSHA has also implemented stringent guidelines regarding the use of this equipment.

NMC The Cat Rental Store offers a variety of underground safety equipment for rent for both short-term and long-term use. You’ll find a variety of products that provide an excellent solution for applications such as sewer, cable and conduit repairs, fence installation for landscaping and groundwater removal.

What Types of Underground Trenching Equipment Are Available for Rent?

When you’re looking for a rental for your underground site, you’ll likely need to start with trench boxes, also known as trench shields or sheets. These solid structures are typically manufactured from metals such as aluminum or steel. Operators lower the box into the freshly dug hole to support the sides. Adjustable spreaders enable the box to fit the excavation and hold its sidewalls in place to prevent collapse.

Choosing Between a Steel or Aluminum Trench Box for Rent

When renting a trench box, you’ll need to determine whether a steel or aluminum structure is the better option for your project. A steel box generally works well for deeper excavations due to their heavy, sturdy construction. It provides maximum stand-up time, which is the length of time that workers can remain in the trench before the walls collapse. A steel box may consist of single or double wall sheeting, with the latter providing additional support.

Aluminum trench boxes offer a lightweight alternative to steel, which makes them well-suited for shallower trenches. The lighter weight makes aluminum boxes easier to install and requires fewer workers and equipment to maneuver them. Aluminum boxes are also stackable, enabling you to add height quickly if needed.

Stone Boxes

Stone boxes, also known as bedding boxes, are essential underground trenching equipment at many excavation sites. These boxes enable you to collect the sand, dirt, gravel or other materials you’ve removed while digging. An excavator or backhoe loader can then use the accumulated material for fast, easy backfilling when you’ve finished the repair or installation job.

Get Expert Assistance When Renting Underground Trenching Equipment

If you’re unsure whether an aluminum or steel trench box for rent is better for your applications, the experts at NMC The Cat Rental Store can help. We’ll also work with you to set up a flexible, affordable rental arrangement that works for your company, along with providing reliable service and support from start to finish.

Browse our current inventory of underground trenching safety equipment for rent today. Feel free to stop by any of our locations in Nebraska or Pottawattamie County, Iowa for a closer look. If you have questions or need more information, reach us by phone at 855.NMC.RENT or contact us online today.