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Guide to OSHA Lighting Regulations for Construction Jobs

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Lighting is vital for construction jobs during times of low visibility, such as in dark buildings or at night. Workers should be able to see what they are doing so they don’t hurt themselves or others. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes this, which is why it has a whole page dedicated to requirements for sufficient lighting.

So, what are OSHA’s lighting requirements for construction? Using lumens, or the amount of light in a 1-square-foot area, as measurement, OSHA has determined how much light should be present in various spaces. For example, underground work areas need 5 lumens and outside areas need 10. Other requirements are that bulbs need guards, connections should be safe and the cords need to be suitable for the electric load.

Types of Lighting Available

Despite the importance of lighting, many construction sites don’t meet the minimum requirements. However, there are rental services available to provide sufficient lighting. These resources are helpful for times when you’d like to work at night or in a darker location than usual. According to the OSHA construction site lighting requirements, temporary lighting is acceptable, which is helpful for jobs that can’t support permanent lighting fixtures.

Three common types of temporary lighting equipment include:

  • Light towers: Construction companies often rent these fixtures for projects. They can rotate 360 degrees and are sturdy enough to withstand pretty much anything Mother Nature can conjure. Depending on how tall and powerful they are, these lights can illuminate up to 7 acres.
  • LED lighting: This type of lighting is highly efficient and more powerful than standard lights. Some of the benefits include a longer life span, a flexible design, the ability to work in extreme temperatures and higher durability.
  • Balloon lights: Balloon lights create a diffuse glow over workplaces using covers inflated by air or helium. Highly portable, these lights are convenient if you would like to attach them to vehicles or equipment to meet OSHA lighting requirements.

Rent Construction Site Lighting to Meet OSHA Requirements

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