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Guide to Landscaping Equipment

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Imagine completing a large-scale landscaping job by hand — it sounds almost impossible. While some projects can be done through manual labor, others demand the power of landscaping equipment rentals. When you rent the right machinery, each unit can support your DIY home landscaping project or contractor work of any size.

NMC The Cat Rental Store delivers a range of engines that boost the efficiency and productivity of each task, whether you’re rebuilding a patio or planting trees. Our solutions maintain your bottom line while giving you more opportunities and capabilities that weren’t possible before.

The Best Equipment for a Landscaping Business

If you’re completing an at-home DIY or you’re a licensed contractor, you likely have these essential tools:

  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Cordless drill
  • Chainsaw
  • Lawnmower
  • Hedge trimmer
  • Leaf blower
  • Pruners

But what happens when you need to drill a 15-foot hole, cut through dense shrubbery or move loads of gravel? Your best bet is to rent heavy equipment that can get the job done safely and quickly. Common equipment needed for a landscaping business includes:

  • Air compressor: An air compressor tool rental can support your projects when you need to power your pneumatic tools like nail guns, sanders and jackhammers. Air compressors and pneumatic tools are safer and have a higher power-to-weight ratio compared to other devices.
  • Mini excavator: A mini excavator delivers excellent maneuverability in tight areas. They’re perfect for small to large-scale grading projects, as well as clearing, digging, trenching and breaking. The machines may be compact, but they still provide enough room for the operator to feel comfortable. With an excavator, you can attach augers, compactors and buckets.
  • Multi-terrain loader: Multi-terrain loaders are a track-based machine that can traverse across the softer ground without ripping it up, making it ideal for residential areas. They are also great for digging and transporting dirt and other materials, such as stone. You can work with different attachments to till the soil, grade cement, grind stumps and level soil.
  • Small dozer: When you’re working in a suburban area, small dozers are perfect. They can grade, remove debris and clear areas with enough horsepower to remove stumps and complete precision grading.
  • Compact backhoe: A small backhoe has a boom on one end and a bucket on the other. You can attach almost any accessory to increase your abilities. Its purpose ranges from digging and backfilling to leveling, trenching and transporting materials, while also delivering precise handling.
  • Compact track loader: A compact track loader is similar to a multi-terrain loader, but they have different undercarriage designs. This machine delivers stability and traction when tilling numerous landscaping projects. It can also move well over soft surfaces because of its low ground pressure.
  • Skid steer loader: A skid steer moves via tires instead of tracks, which is ideal when working on harder surfaces like concrete, driveways, asphalt and sidewalks. They have the same capabilities as a multi-terrain loader.

Renting the right units for your landscaping projects can maximize efficiency, which in turn, boosts your bottom line and reduces costs.

Landscaping Equipment Attachments

Compact landscaping equipment can also accommodate a range of attachments, making them even more versatile. Possible attachment options include:

  • Angled blades: Angled blades help you grade with ease, as well as level and backfill.
  • Augers: You can attach an auger to a mini excavator or loader. The attachment digs narrow and precise holes for items like posts, trees, fencing and deck footings. Their bits come in various sizes to help you reach different depths.
  • Brooms: Broom accessories help clean up the site after a job. The maintenance tool clears walking paths, sweeps away rocks and gathers other debris.
  • Brush cutters: Brush cutters remove thick vegetation that often can’t be achieved by hand or electric tools.
  • Buckets: When you need to grade the contour of a landscape design, buckets give you a clean and accurate finish. They also have a great range of motion and can dig and lift materials.
  • Compactors: A compactor attachment packs down soil when you’re ready to plant and seed. The right amount of tamping will encourage plant and seed growth.
  • Forks: These attachments allow you to handle pallets of sod, fertilizer and other materials like sand. You can use a fork with your compact loader or backhoe for high-efficiency levels.
  • Hammers: Attach a hammer to your unit when you want to demolish concrete. For example, use it to tear apart a pool, knock down a retaining wall or redo a driveway.
  • Rakes: Rakes have teeth that move across the ground to collect rocks, clumps of vegetation and other unwanted elements. The machine moves the debris into a hopper bucket to clear the soil. Raking is essential before planting to aerate, level and condition the soil of your landscape job.
  • Tillers: Landscaping tillers are capable of breaking up soil. Attachments with a spiral design improve its cutting action and help prep the ground for fertilizer mixing.
  • Trenchers: When your job requires a narrow trench, like when installing telephone, electrical or cable lines, trenchers are your go-to attachment. They are also useful for when you need to lay pipes.

Cat® equipment has quick coupler systems to quickly add and remove the attachments you need. When you combine heavy machinery and work with a range of attachments, you can complete landscaping jobs, such as:

  • Excavating
  • Trimming trees
  • Building
  • Creating irrigation systems
  • Lifting massive objects
  • Tilling soil
  • Grading
  • Digging
  • Hauling materials

Renting compact landscaping equipment can help you achieve larger-scale projects, whether you’re completing your dream home or supporting your client’s demands.

How to Operate Landscaping Equipment Safely

Safety is the #1 concern on any landscaping project, especially if you’re working in a residential area. As a DIYer or fleet manager, you need to ensure you and your workers are trained in operating heavy machinery. One way is to partner with a licensed dealer and participate in training modules.

Proper preparation will help you learn the different controls within a machine and the best conditions to operate under. Before working on-site, consider logging several practice hours — practice controlling the boom, pedals, speed, console controls and other devices. Each worker needs to feel confident before operating any heavy machinery.

Safety also includes walk-around checks before running the machine and starting your operations on solid flat ground. The dealer will also teach you how to work with rented equipment and what’s expected.

Make sure to secure your work area and set up precautions to alert people you’re working with machinery. Call 811 or the correct number to know where the utility lines are if you’re digging and be cautious of overhead hazards like powerlines and tree limbs. Keep your eyes out for obstacles in the construction zone, too.

If you’re working with several pieces of rented equipment in an area, real-time communication is essential. You can rely on a two-way radio, walkie-talkies and hand signals to ensure communication between you and your workers.

Before stepping into the landscaping work zone, wear the appropriate safety equipment, such as a hard hat, safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, boots, a long shirt and long pants.

What to Know When Renting

Renting compact construction equipment offers you all the benefits of owning machinery without the high upfront cost and commitment. For example, you can rent on your own terms, whether it be by the day, week or month.

If buying isn’t a viable option, renting is perfect for your one-time and specific jobs. You also get to work with new equipment that has the latest technology. Renting eliminates the time and money spent on maintenance — the dealer takes care of it for you. You can even take the rent-to-own route if you’re looking to purchase in the future.

Rent the Right Equipment With the Right Dealer

NMC The Cat Rental Store provides the ideal solution for whatever large-scale landscaping job you need to accomplish. As a DIY enthusiast or contractor, you want to know you’re working with top-tier equipment. We have a comprehensive inventory of compact construction equipment as well as all the attachments you need.

Browse our landscaping solutions or contact our support team for help. NMC The Cat Rental Store is a total solutions provider ready to partner with you.