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Equipment Rentals From a Nebraska Built™ Company

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At NMC The Cat Rental Store, our Nebraska Built™ business and Iron Talent™ team provide equipment rentals for companies across Nebraska so you can get the job done. Choose from our broad selection of compact and heavy equipment rentals from Cat® and other leading brands to start your next project.

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Use Rental Equipment. Reap the Benefits.

We’re the leading choice for equipment rentals in Nebraska. Our wide selection of machinery and rental policies give us a competitive edge over other providers. When you rent from NMC, you:

  • Eliminate costs. Maintenance, storage and transportation. These are three substantial costs of owning equipment. Our construction machinery rentals decimate these expenses. We maintain and service our machines, store them and transport them to and from your job site. We also test our fleet before it heads out so it gives you the performance you need.
  • Access new, efficient machines. Our fleet of Cat heavy equipment rentals — as well as from other manufacturers — features state-of-the-art technology. This software and hardware offers greater fuel efficiency as well as increased productivity by reducing reworking times through guidance for tasks like grading. You can also monitor equipment usage to check your team’s progress.
  • Reduce project times. Accurate work by your team, with the assistance of your rental equipment’s advanced technology, lowers your amount of rework. Finishing projects ahead of schedule allow you to accept additional clients, increase your revenue and expand your operation.
  • Expand project abilities. Equipment prices limit the size of your fleet. And your equipment restricts the projects you can accept. Construction machinery rentals expand your job capabilities. Rent the machines you need from NMC to complete a job without a long-term monetary commitment.
  • Increase borrowing power. Equipment rentals in Nebraska and across the U.S. create a balanced ratio of assets to liabilities on your balance sheet because they aren’t considered a liability. Raise your company’s borrowing power and use it at a more appropriate time, rather than for purchasing equipment.
  • Receive responsive service. The difference between NMC and other equipment rentals in Nebraska is our service. We make sure you select the construction machinery rental you need by giving expert advice. Our Iron Talent™ team also ensures your equipment arrives at your worksite on time and ready to work — plus we provide 24-hour emergency service.

Get the rental equipment you need, from generators to loaders and lighting equipment, at NMC.

Choose NMC The Cat Rental Store. Select Success.

With decades of experience serving the Nebraska community, you can rely on NMC to provide you with the recommendations, service and equipment rentals you need to deliver success to your clients. Learn more about our rental equipment by contacting us today.

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